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I’m still on vacation, so this is another fill-in post to let you, my dear readers, know that my vinoblog is still active and i’m still sampling some pretty good wines on my travels.

This Oregon AVA Pinot Gris isn’t your typical light-bodied Gris.  Its ripe and rich in the mouth, slightly sweet through the back of the palate, lightly floral, moderately alcohol evident on the nose yet finishes with a pleasing stone fruit note.  Overall, I’d say this profile is reminiscent of a Semillon-Chardonnay…

Not available at the LCBO, i think. This was procured in 2009 as an early new release at a kiosk in the Portland Oregon airport as we were leaving to return to Minneapolis.  I’ve had it in my Minneapolis cellar all this time.  If you come across it in western Canada, grab it!

Cheers from Minneapolis!!!


YAY! I’m on vacation from 07-May to 23-May visiting Minneapolis MN, Las Vegas NV and possibly Flagstaff AZ!

The selection at the local purveyors of wine and spirits have access to quite a different selection of worldly and local vinos than the LCBO.  This vinopost is a special vacation entry for a wine you’ll probably not find at the LCBO.

Ravenswood Vintners Blend Chardonnay is a California Sonoma Coast, unoaked chard that some have described as full and buttery.

I’m finding it medium with notes orange and herb, slight acidity and moderate aftertaste.

Budget price, yes; memorable, not really.


**image credit – Google Image search – republished under fair use provisions for review and critique.