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I’m a huge fan of spicy Thai and Indian foods, especially curries. So with tonight’s dinner of home-made Indian Butter Chicken, I selected a Columbia Crest Two Vines Gewürztraminer 2008, from the AVA approved appellation of Washington State. Seated on the leeward side of the Cascade mountain range, the winery has complete control of the soil, irrigation and canopy management.

Once chilled and uncorked, I could immediately tell by the delicate rose-petal fragrance that this deep golden wine was fermented and finished in stainless steel. (If finished in light oak, as with other Gewürz’es, the nose would’ve carried more of a gingery aroma.) Ripe peaches and figs with a moderate sweetness greet the palate in a full-bodied coating, cleansing the tongue of the spices and heat from the sauce of the chicken; I hardly even noticed its 11% alcohol content.  Balanced and refreshing with this heavily sauced chicken and rice entrée.

This vino would also be good with strong cheese like VERY old white Cheddar or even a stinky Stilton!




*image credit – Columbia Crest Winery – fair use provisions for review and critique.